Delta Hedge
Generate sustainable high yield by using Delta Hedge strategies with just OneClick.
The best performing delta hedge on Arbitrum
designed by german scientists
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Decentralized Delta Hedge Strategies
with OneClick

Earn Sustainable High Yields by Using Our Decentralized Delta Neutral Protocol Built by German Scientists&Enjoy the Simplicity of easyPI

  • High APYfocused on optimizing capital efficiency
  • OneClickeasy to use interface
  • Decentralizedimmutable smart contracts

The First Delta Hedge
Protocol For Everyone

easyPI offers two different yield programs so every user can choose depending on his yield strategy.

Trader Hedged

  • sustainable APY
  • short term

Target Weights

  • higher APY
  • long term


Maximum Yield Optimization Through the Integration of Pendle

What is easyPI?

Automated Smart Contracts

easyPI employs delta hedge strategies on a perpetual derivatives exchange in combination with Aave (lending protocol) automated by bots on-chain.

Thereby, we try to be as delta neutral as possible. Due to our superior algorithms we have a small level of exposure, which is also intended.

Delta neutral means it will take both sides on market movements, so there is net zero exposure on price movements and it will collect fees on the way up or down. Sounds complicated? DON'T WORRY, we got you!

Why You will love to use easyPI!

Earn like Pros with OneClick

Everyone can now benefit from market maker strategies which are normally only used by professionals.

Let the smart contracts do the work for you!

Delta Hedge with OneClick

Where does the Yield come from?

GMX charges fees for using their platform to trade & swap as well as liquidations. Part of those fees are redistributed to their liquidity providers (GLP). easyPI provides liquidity to GMX while negating crypto price exposure through AAVE. Those earnings through fees may vary over time thus creating a variable APY.

learn more about variable APY

ANDDelta Hedge Strategies can be so simple!

More Information coming soon
Supported currencies

Benefits of Using easyPI Delta Hedge


Decentralized & audited smart contracts manage your tokens.We don't control any funds.

OneClick - Easiest Way in Crypto to Use Delta Hedge

No manual adjustments needed! Our smart contracts and bots make the necessary transactions for you. Use delta hedge like the pros and generate a high APY. It has never been easier.

High & Sustainable APY

Use the full potential of your currency with easyPI. For more information about magnitude and sustainability, check our back tests.

No Minimum Amount & Flexible Duration

You can start using easyPI without having to invest a minimum amount! You can also deposit and withdraw whenever you want!

The Team Behind the Scenes

You Have Questions about
easyPI and the Delta Hedge Strategy?

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Delta Hedge

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